April (Fools in April)

Calm Starfish shut and locked the door to her Time Tangled island apartment and stepped into the fresh Poptropica air. It was so springlike, she felt like dancing. Better not, she thought, and started off down the street. The Party Time Tower was hopping. Confused, Calm approached a girl. She was wearing a funny striped hat. "Nice hat," said Calm uncomfortably. "What's going on?" The girl stared. "It's April 1st, silly! Don't you ever celebrate April Fools Day?" Calm smacked her forehead and smiled. "How could I have forgotten? Thanks." Calm strode over to her blimp to find it missing! "What- Help! My blimp has been stolen!" she called to a policeman. "Probably just a joke," he replied gruffly. "You wouldn't believe how many calls we get on this day. I tell you, Poptropica acts like this is the most important holiday of all." Calm looked around, to see her blimp pushed over into the water and floating away. She scrambled over and tried to push it back onto the mainland. Breathing heavy, Calm climbed in and drove over to Reality TV island and knocked on the door of her friend's apartment. She wasn't pleased about how seriously Poptropicans took April Fools day. She loved it, but each year, it got more and more vicious. After about 10 minutes of knocking, Calm groaned and whipped out her cell phone. "Friendly. Why aren't you answering your door?" she snapped when her friend picked up. "You haven't been knocking." Friendly pointed out. "Yeah, yeah I have. For about 10 minutes!" There was silence, and then a door on another apartment opened. "Someone must have changed the numbers on the doors for April Fools," said Friendly. "Sorry." Calm sighed. "Are we going to the movies or what?" They went out to Calm's blimp and drove to 24 Carrot island. "Tickets are all out." said the ticketseller when they arrived. "What about for Carrots of Fire? Do you have any tickets for that?" asked Friendly. "Just one." They could tell by his grin that it was a joke, and persuaded him to give them the tickets. After the movie, Calm and Friendly went to the Carrot King Diner and had a nice lunch. "I love April Fools Day!" They heard a little boy telling his parents. "That's nice, Trusty." came a dull female voice. "I love playing tricks, and telling jokes, and wearing the funny clothes!" The boy said again. Calm and Friendly listened to him laugh and go on and on. "What do you want to do next?" Calm asked. They had left and were walking down the street. "Wait, what's that?!" cried Friendly. They both screamed, and Calm heard a high pitched shrill noise and saw a flash of blinding white light-