August (The Great Escape)

Calm knew one thing: June had been taken elsewhere. She knew Dr. Hare wouldn't put them in the same room, and that he knew she would know that. But after Dr. Hare had referred to her as "agent" not "agents", she grew suspicious. When she listened carefully, she could only hear two sets of feet against the wood of the dock. Her's and Dr. Hare's. The villian had then said, "Both of you, step up,". Why else would he emphasize "both of you" if he hadn't wanted Calm to think June was with her? One thing was certain. June was not on that boat, and Dr. Hare was trying to keep Calm from knowing. Calm wondered where the new agent might have gone. Perhaps through a trapdoor with another villian. Maybe through a door on a building. Calm had to get out or else she may never know. She first had to get the bag off of her head. Calm stood, hitting her head on the ceiling. A closet, she thought. What useful things might I find here? Calm felt around with her hands cuffed behind her. She felt something long and smooth. A broomstick! Calm used the handle to hook it under the sack and knock it off her head. She looked around the closet. Calm had learned how to pick a lock years ago, and needed only something thin and sharp. A nail would work fine. Calm scoured the floor, boxes and drawers. She finally found an old screw. Calm inserted it into the lock of the chains, and tried to remember everything she had been taught. Suddenly with a clicking noise, she was free. Calm pocketed the screw ( it may come in handy later) and tried the door. Since she had been bound, it was unlocked. The boat was a small one, that ran on a motor. Calm stepped outside, grabbing the broomstick just in case. A goon saw her, and ran at her. Calm swung her crude weapon, hitting on the side of the head with a crack. More of Dr. Hare's minions saw her, and closed in. Calm looked helplessly toward the dock. It was too late now; the boat was at least half a mile away. Calm did the only thing that she could do. She stepped on the edge of the boat. And fell over the side.

What happens next? Wait till next time!