Saturday, January 30, 2010

Anyone for Shuffle boarding?

Still stuck on this island, I found some people playing a game with small sliding pucks. I don't think the mime is going to win this one.

I don't really get shuffle boarding. Seriously. No offense at all to the awesome Creators, but all you do is push a puck around on concrete with a stick. I could never play it. *Shrugs* Anyway, it looks like Reality TV will contain a bunch of little mini games. Cool! *Claps twice and disappears into a cloud of pink smoke*

More info on Membership

More on Membership
We will be adding membership to Poptropica really soon! Membership will let you use ALL Costumes and Gold Cards in the Poptropica Store for the duration of your membership. And yes, members also get exclusive EARLY ISLAND ACCESS to play our newest islands weeks before the rest of the world!! This is key, since we are planning on releasing some pretty sweet islands this year!

Remember, even if you don't have credits or membership, the Poptropica Islands are always 100% FREE for all to play!

There's not much to say on that. It pretty much explains everything!! ;-P

Monday, January 25, 2010

Poptropica... Membership???

*Listen, guys. There's this super cool video on the Creators' Blog. I promise, I COULD have copied it to the Post, but I wasn't sure if I should because (a) I don't have permission to use it and (b) it may mess something up on my computer. So do me a favor- head over to the CB and watch the video real fast before reading this post. Done? Okay, read on.*

Whoa! That really makes you think, doesn't it?

1. Will the membership cost money?
2. Do you really get access to all Poptropica costumes?
3. Will you have access to the gadgets as well?
4. Would you be granted early access to the upcoming islands?

OMG, my head is spinning! (Not literally) LOL. Could this be another big step for Poptropica closer to becoming a more well-known site? I hope so! And speaking of new islands, there is proof in the video that the new island will in fact be Reality TV Island! Yessssssss! :-D

P.S. I apologize once again for not showing the video. When I get more info on this I will let you know.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Random Poptropica Location of the Month

A.K.A RPLM. I have decided to create a little monthly feature for the Post. It's called... well, you know. The random location featured in the fine month of January is - The Ghouls' Gala! Congrats ghouls! By the way, what is up with that dude behind the witch? Just standing there, staring at us. Creepy. Not to mention rude.

P.S. I will be taking suggestions for the RPLM. Although then it would not be so random. *Shrugs. Takes bite of sandwich and slowly wraps up this post...*

Football, Minotaur, Avatar Studio...

Here are two new CBPs (for those of you who are thinking, huh?, CBPs means Creators Blog Posts. Hold on to that for further references):

Meet the Minotaur!
Wonder what they charge for admission?


Are you ready for some football!?
It's almost time for the big game! You can represent your team with a brand new American Football Player costume!

We're also giving away a free Avatar Studio card! If you want to add it to your inventory, make sure you save your game!

There ya go! Seeyah!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Knock, knock. Who's there? The new Counterfeit Island wallpaper!

OK, tell me that was the lamest post title ever. But it fits our topics conveniently together, if not in the most clever way :-). First off, there is this Creators' Blog post:

Knock, knock!
Who's there?
Watson who?
Watson TV today?

Tee hee. And then there's this one:

Counterfeit Island Wallpaper
If you're a fan of Counterfeit Island, you'll enjoy this new Poptropica wallpaper!

The wallpaper is pretty rockin'. Well, that concludes our program today. Thanks for watching. Please stop by the gift shop on your way out to pick up an exclusive, limited time only Santa Claus bobble head! Only $2.95! Heh, heh. *Sigh* Oh, they begged me not to say that. Anyways, seeyah!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fish-shaped fountain? New characters?

Well, look at that! Proof that Reality TV (or, it could be something else) is indeed coming out! Yay!!! Here are two recent posts from the Creators' Blog:

Fish, my favorite kind of fountain...
You'll never believe what I saw on my adventures recently. A real fountain in the shape of a fish! Have I ever told you how much I love fish? I think I will like this new island a lot!


New Characters, New Island!
Can you guess what this new island will be about?

Once again, I must ask you to visit the Creators' Blog if you would like to view the pics that come with the posts. I'll ask that for every time I can't display a picture from that blog.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

50th Post!

I just realized that my post "Just Hangin' with Counterfeit mimes", was our 50th blog post! Of course, this post is the 51st. But anyway, HAPPY 50TH POST!!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Just hangin' with Counterfeit mimes...

Dee d' dee dee dee. I guess this is how mimes spend their free time- displaying their emotions to the world :D.

BTW, thanks to the Poptropica Help Blog for instructions on how to take screenshots. I was scrolling through some comments one day and saw where Hijuyo a.k.a. Scary Tomato a.k.a. ST explained how to take and display screenshots. Thanks again PHB!

New Creators' Blog Post

Getting Boar-ed?
As a hermit I try to avoid meeting people but sometimes it's hard to find a place to be alone. When I reached this island in the middle of the ocean, I figured I was the only person around for miles. I soon realized this place is full of some of the craziest people I've ever seen! Why would anyone run around with a jar of water on their head? It seems dangerous, especially when there's an angry boar out to get you. I'm going to monitor the situation and see what I can find out.

-Creators' Blog

That was a post by Hazmat Hermit. It comes with a picture, which I didn't copy because I don't know how and you'll have to just view it at the Creators' Blog. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Guess what cool new island is now online?? If you don't know the answer, you either have amnesia or haven't been on Poptropica or any of the blogs for a very long time. Yes ma'am (or sir), Counterfeit Island is now available for EVERYONE!! (Yay- Now Calm Starfish can play too.)