Monday, January 25, 2010

Poptropica... Membership???

*Listen, guys. There's this super cool video on the Creators' Blog. I promise, I COULD have copied it to the Post, but I wasn't sure if I should because (a) I don't have permission to use it and (b) it may mess something up on my computer. So do me a favor- head over to the CB and watch the video real fast before reading this post. Done? Okay, read on.*

Whoa! That really makes you think, doesn't it?

1. Will the membership cost money?
2. Do you really get access to all Poptropica costumes?
3. Will you have access to the gadgets as well?
4. Would you be granted early access to the upcoming islands?

OMG, my head is spinning! (Not literally) LOL. Could this be another big step for Poptropica closer to becoming a more well-known site? I hope so! And speaking of new islands, there is proof in the video that the new island will in fact be Reality TV Island! Yessssssss! :-D

P.S. I apologize once again for not showing the video. When I get more info on this I will let you know.


  1. Do you know if it costs money ,or are you just saying?

  2. It costs. It really isn't much compared to most other online games. ;)


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