June (In which we meet a new Poptropican and gain a new agent)

Calm gathered as many undamaged weapons as she could find and strolled out of the armory. Friendly pleaded with Calm once again, but nothing would stop her. "I can't just let Director D destroy all of Poptropica!" Calm exclaimed. "I'll be right back." She left the headquarters, looking left and right with every step she took. Where could he have gone? she thought. Suddenly a voice rang out behind her: "Hey! You with the gun! Are you sure that's legal?" Calm turned, infuriated, to a girl wearing a purple skirt, a black shirt, and a gothic charm. "Sorry," the girl said, raising her hands and backing away. Calm hadn't realized that she was pointing her weapon. That, along with the expression on her face was enough to frighten anybody. "I'm sorry," Calm said, lowering her weapon. "I'm just very unhappy right now." The girl snorted. "Clearly. Don't sweat it; I'm new here. Don't you think I'm unhappy?" Calm was shocked. "You're unhappy to be in Poptropica? How?" The girl told Calm about how and why she had come. As it turned out, the girl's mother had shipped her off along with her brother to Spy Island with nothing but a single suitcase between them. They were supposed to live with their grandmother, but they hadn't shown up. "Why didn't you?" Calm asked. "My grandmother is hopelessly confused. An agent could bust into the house at any given time and she wouldn't notice. It's just not safe." The girl sighed. "And Happy deserves better than that." Calm was saddened by this, but touched by the protection the girl had for her brother and the trust that she put in this complete stranger on the street. "You know," Calm said, "those characteristics are perfect for a spy. How would you like to help out?" The girl looked up. "Are you serious?" she asked. "I'm dead serious." Calm smiled. The girl's name turned out to be June Bug, and Calm led her back to headquarters. Friendly looked up from the intern she was tending to and her eyes grew wide. "Calm! There's somebody behind you!" Calm turned, and said, "Friendly, I found a new agent to help us on this case. She seems perfect for the job." June smiled. "Thanks. It means a lot to me." Calm clapped her hands. "First things first," she announced. "Training. We can't let you go out there fresh out of the armory with no experience whatsoever. Now, I will go prepare for battle; June, you follow me; and Friendly? Do what you're doing. Let's go!" They all got to work.

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