May (May spring brighten your spirits)

Calm couldn't move. She felt as though she had just been hit with a gernade. Had she? Calm felt Friendly stirring beside her. "Calm? Calm! Are you alive? Oh my gosh, HELP!" Calm rolled over and tried to sit up, but lost her balance. "I'm fine. What happened?" Friendly began to breathe slower. "Look." A huge cloud of smoke was errupting out of a green canister. On the side in black block letters it read "Poptropical Firecrackers, Inc". Calm gaped. "Unbelievable! I am so shocked someone would sink that low! They almost killed us!" Friendly gasped, and pointed down the street. "Who... why... how?" Calm stopped her rant and glanced in the direction her friend was gestruring to. "Is that- Director D?" Calm had put the villian in prison long ago. Had he escaped? "Get him!" Calm and Friendly started after him, shouting at the top of their lungs. The evil ex-spy director began to laugh. "You again? Ha! No jail cell can ever contain me, you fool! Try and catch me now!" He suddenly rose off of the ground, and the girls realized that he was using a stolen jetpack from the armory. "He's already been to the headquarters!" Friendly cried, her voice tinged with panic. "Let's go," Calm demanded, grabbing her friend's hand and marching her toward the blimp. The drive to Spy island seemed like years, and there was not a word exchanged between them the whole ride. They soon got to the island, and Calm and Friendly raced into the building. They nearly fell over with shock. The entire headquarters had been trashed; ransacked to the point that it looked like a warzone moments after a vicious battle. Puddles of acid dominated the floor and stairs, holes in the wall left from laser beams oozed black smoke, broken glass and injured agents littered the ground. "You have to help them. Get help! I'll go find Director D." Calm decided. "You can't go alone!" said Friendly urgently. She was almost begging. Calm went upstairs to the armory. "He took everything. Everything!" Calm fumed, to herself. She was so mad, she could barely stand it.

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