July (Trailing Director D)

"How long have we been sitting here?" grumbled June. Calm sighed deeply but said nothing. She peeked around the prickly bush behind which they were crouched and glared at the door of the docks building. Calm had been informed by civilian that a man in a dark cloak, possibly from Astro Knights island, had walked into this very building. It wasn't much to lean on, but any lead was a good lead. "You need to keep looking and stop worrying about it. And you need to be quiet!" Calm was apprehensive towards June for being bored, but it was important that they kept quiet. She hoped she wasn't being too hard on the new agent. Suddenly there was a noise behind them. "You, yeah you. Get up. Now." Calm glanced at June, signaling for her to follow Calm's lead. She got up slowly, arms raised. June did the same. "Don't turn around." Calm suddenly recognized the voice- Dr. Hare! "Oh no," Calm breathed. Everything seemed clear now! The cloaked figure from Astro Knights. Mordred! Director D was pulling together every villian in Poptropica to get revenge against the agents! "Stay still. And shut up!" Dr. Hare growled. Calm heard a clink, felt cold rusty metal close around both of her wrists. June looked not afraid, but anxious. Angry, even. A burlap sack was thrust over Calm's head, and everything was dark. "Keep walking, agent. Do everything I say, nothing more, nothing less." Dr. Hare jerked her violently, and Calm kept walking. She heard water. Was he going to throw them into the sea? Calm stiffened, and listened. Interesting. "Both of you, step up." Dr. Hare demanded. Calm did so, and found herself sitting on a boat. She could tell because of how unsturdy the ground was. Calm heard a door open and felt herself being pushed. She landed on the ground painfully, and knew she was alone. But now she had some ideas to keep her company.

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