Friday, January 8, 2010

Just hangin' with Counterfeit mimes...

Dee d' dee dee dee. I guess this is how mimes spend their free time- displaying their emotions to the world :D.

BTW, thanks to the Poptropica Help Blog for instructions on how to take screenshots. I was scrolling through some comments one day and saw where Hijuyo a.k.a. Scary Tomato a.k.a. ST explained how to take and display screenshots. Thanks again PHB!


  1. Little Bug/Popular Joker/Hyper Runner♥February 24, 2010 8:15 PM

    How do you take screen shots??
    BTW Congrats on your 50th post!
    BTWA, can you take the weird letter thing you have to do before commenting??? it is driving me bonkers!!!

  2. Thx for the congrats! And what do you mena by the "weird letter thing"? OK, here's the instructions on how to take screenshots: Find the position in which you want the screen. Once this is done, hit the button to the right of the keyboard that says PrtScnSysRq, which should be up near the top depending on your keyboard type. Then go to Microsoft Paint or any other graphics editor you may have on your computer. Select Paste from the tool bar(within the Edit option)and your pic should appear. Crop however you like with the cropping tool, which looks like a box made with dotted lines. If you want to post it anywhere read on: After cropping, right-click your image and select Cut. When your image dissapears, don't be alarmed! Open another page of Paint or whatever without saving the first and right-click again, the pic should appear however you cropped it. Save it as and go to the drop down menu on the Save As Type option. There select Png and save your picture. Go to your blog and choose your image to post. I hope that helps! Ask me if you need more help.

  3. Awesome thanks so much!
    and about the 'weird letter thing' I think it is called word verification. the way you turn it off is going into settings then clicking comments and just turn off word verification.
    It is just a pain. THanks!

  4. Hey Calm Starfish and The Incredible Flipper!
    Popular Joker has a question.
    I saw in one of your pictures, Hangin' with the Mimes, your Poptropican was crying! How do you do that outside of the chat-room!?!
    P.J. aka Popular Joker

  5. Hit Control, Shift, 2 in that order on your keyboard. For more glitches, check out the Poptropica Help Blog (found on the blogroll), under "Cool Stuff" and "Cheat Codes". This is where I learned the crying trick.

  6. Katie: I was going to turn off the word verification for comments, but after reading a little about it, I found that it helps prevent spammers. I know that you wouldn't do that, but someone else might. :-) Sorry!


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