Saturday, February 27, 2010

Poptropica Houses???

Could it be??? After scrolling through a new PHB post, I found a part about new CB polls. The polls are:

How would you like to connect with other people who are playing Poptropica?
1.I'd like to be able to make friends with people I meet in Poptropica, and see what they're up to from day to day.
2.I'm satisfied with playing multiplayer games in the common rooms, and using the Multiverse with real-life friends.
3.I don't care what other people are doing. I like to play by myself.


What would you think about having your own room with your own furniture and other stuff?
1.I'd like that a lot!
2.I'd try it out.
3.I don't want a room.

One more:

How public or private would you want your room to be?
1.Open to the public! I'd want everyone to see it.
2.Somewhat public. I'd just want my friends to see it.
3.Somewhat private. I'd want to be able to invite people.
4.Totally private. No one but me allowed.

Wow! Are you crazy kids thinking what I'm thinking? Looks like the Creators are just getting their players' opinions before designing a new Poptropica project! Sweetness! But as I said before in a comment on the PHB:
YES! I have waited for so long for Poptropica to have houses! Then Poptropica would be complete! (Except of course, if you have to buy furniture with credits or real money) I might even forgive them for *grr* membership…
Well, that's about it so, I'm gonna go have a sandwich.(JK)


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  2. Sorry Katie! Thx for wanting to follow the blog. I'll create a follow button if you want me to ;-)

  3. Yes, very much so. ☺
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