Friday, April 30, 2010


Mythology Island: Best. Island. EVER!!!!! I finished it in one day! It was so incredibly awesome, I can't believe how awesome it was!
(Calm, Calm yourself)
(Don't tell me what to do. I'm trying to post!)
Anyway, I don't believe in Greek mythology, but I dig the Percy Jackson books-best series I've ever read-and I knew every single god there was. And I met Hercules and battled Zeus! Only too bad Herc got turned to stone, and the big guy turned out to be evil, but whatever. Also, there's proof that Skullduggery is fah real. Check out the Poptropica website and select the info link. Build your own ship? Assemble your own crew? "Biggest Poptropica quest yet"? Sounds pretty cool to me. Even though pirates are scary.


  1. I haven't got to play it yet... :(

  2. You need to post more! I love your posts!

  3. I posted my review on my blog. I post pretty much everyday,,, will you follow it?? Please?
    Your one and only, commenter, follower, etc., Popular Joker :P

  4. PJ,
    I do follow your blog, but it doesn't show up. I've reregistered and everything! Sorry.

  5. hhmm... that's odd. When you tried to follow is it set on 'private?'


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