Friday, June 25, 2010


Calm Starfish backed away slowly, her hands in the air. Captain Crawfish and his crew glared at her, grinning their evil pirate grins and flashing golden teeth. "And now-" Crawfish growled, but suddenly his ship began to shudder and quake, and a shower of cannonballs rained down behind them. Crawfish and Co. sprinted toward the back of the island. Calm, sore and exhausted from the two hours of digging for treasure, turned to run as well. Then the ship sunk to the murky depths of the Poptropican sea, and the Phoenix Warbird took its place. "I told you I would sink Captain Crawfish!" Tex* the cabin boy exclaimed. (*I named him that. There are no official names for any crew member) Calm and the rest of the crew lugged the treasure chest onto the deck, as Crawfish shouted, "You can't just leave me here!" Calm smiled as she and her new friends sailed off into the sunset towards Fort Ridley.

Captain Crawfish was never to be seen again, thanks to me, the greatest sailor who ever lived! (Well, you know, aside from the millions of other kids who have won this island, LOL) In this island, I learned the value of patience, trust, courage, and loyalty. It was one of the best islands yet.
And I am still afraid of pirates.

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  1. LOL! I love, love, love your post CS. Skulduggery is awesome! How many days did it take you to beat it?


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