Saturday, July 10, 2010

2 new posts, both about predators.

Hmm, giant carnivorous plant, hammerhead shark. POPTROPICA WILL NEVER BE SAFE AGAIN!!!! Mm, ahem. Sorry about that. Anyway, here are the two newest posts:

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...
I hope everyone is having a fun summer, while they squish red crabs on the beach. If you want to surprise your friends, try out the Hammerhead costume. It comes with a warm, limp fish.


Steamworks monster animation test
Now that the we've decided what this plant monster should look like on the new Poptropica Island, Steamworks Island, the next step is to decide how the monster should move. We put together a quick and dirty animation test:

(Here, a photo of the animation test should be put up, but there wasn't a picture on the Creators' Blog [there was a space for it, but it seems like there was a problem] so I'll try to put up the picture as soon as possible)

Bet you wouldn't want to run into that thing in a dark alley!

All this has taken us nearly to the completion of a plant monster for Steamworks Island. We may still decide to change the monter's behavior, or some aspects of its appearance. After a few final touches, we'll put it all together -- but you'll have to wait until Steamworks Island launches to see it!


Well, Hades, I have no idea if I should be scared of that thing, because I CAN'T SEE IT. Also, it looks like you misspelled the word "monster" and put "monter" instead. It's okay. I forgive you. *Turning to audience and saying loudly* AND I'M SURE THE AUDIENCE FORGIVES YOU TOO, RIGHT?!
*Audience* Uh, sure.
*Hades sweeps in* What was that I hear?
*Audience screams. Calm raises her hands and cries* Great job on the post! Heh heh, your posting was so brilliant, I can't even remember that you didn't post a picture.
*Hades* Excuse me?
*Gulp* Uh, we'll be right back. I hope...

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