Thursday, December 17, 2009

Check out our new pics

Incredible and I-excuse me, THE Incredible Flipper- have updated this fine blog with, pictures of our characters from the Avatar Studio! We look... AWESOME!

Please read the last 4 posts, some are very long -just so you know those are mine and don't worry CS is not an emotional wreck any more, you will understand when you read but don't complain or we shall all be destroyed, again, read the other posts!!!!! wait for it... !(That was THE Incredible Flipper) OK, I suppose I deserved that because I did the same thing (rudely interrupted this post) in an earlier column. Please, please, PLEASE read the 4 posts before this one. You would be missing out on some original comedy by the two of us goofballs and you will be very confused about further references. 4 POSTS. SOME RATHER LONG. IT'S OK JUST KEEP SCROLLING DOWN UNTIL YOU FIND A POST CALLED "MY AWESOMENESS (YOU BETTER READ OR ELSE SANTA WILL PAY)" OR SOMETHING TO THAT EFFECT AND THEN READ FROM THERE UP TO A POST CALLED "THE CHRISTMAS PRESENT COMPETITION" WITCH IS DIRECTLY UNDER THIS VERY POST. *SIGH* OK!! That was crazy! Well, I guess I'd better get off now. Incredible and I, (yes, I KNOW I didn't add the THE, I am tired of that so leave me alone!) have been posting a ton today and now the Post needs a rest, as does my computer. Whew!

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