Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A New Microquest!

Oh yeah! Another quest like the Haunted House- except this time there is a villain involved! And best of all? Apparently that very villain seems to be... Dr. Hare! Time to foil you yet again! Bwaa haa! *Clears throat* Well, now that we've got that out of the way, here's a post from the Creators' Blog:

New Micro-Quest coming soon to the Poptropica Store!
It seems that a certain character is up to his old tricks again. I can't say I wish that he would stop it, because stopping him will be so much fun! Keep ever watchful, because this new micro-quest will be coming soon to the Poptropica store!

And above, a pic from the CB (that goes with that post) that some of you sharper folks may have already noticed. LOL


  1. Oh yeah!!!! Whoo hoo! *did a cart-wheel and sat back down, smoothed hair and continued.*
    That is totally awesome. I finished beating the haunted house, (now i know where the ghouls gala is!)
    Thanks for the info.
    BTW, will you pretty please follow my blog Poppy seeds???
    -Popular Joker

  2. Hey! Popular Joker here,
    I want to see what your poptropican look like now.. so can i have your user name so i can put it in avatar studio?? if you want to see mine its poppy21197.

  3. Thx for trusting me with your username. One of mine is "poptropicapostit". ;-)

  4. I will give almost anyone my user name, just NOT my password. Because it is extremely different from my user name!! thanks, BTW cute user name!
    -popular joker

  5. OH yeah!! THe hole reason i came over here!:
    I awarded your blog! go to my blog poppy seeds to see how to accept it... (if you want.) :)
    it has easy rules.
    -popular joker


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