Wednesday, March 3, 2010

RPLM- March ( a little early, I just couldn't wait)

Please enjoy the following monologue between Calm Starfish and the host at the B.A.D Bistro.

Host: Good evening ma'am.

CS: Thank you, table for one please.

Host: Do you have a reservation?

CS: Uhh... no?

Host: Sorry. We're all full.

CS: Why didn't you tell me that before?!

Host: I figured you would have a reservation.

CS: Can I make a reservation now?

Host: Madam, that would defeat the purpose of the concept "reservation".

CS: *Fumes. Stalks away and slams the doors shut*

*Host looks back down at the reservation book, just as CS runs back through the doors trying to get past him*

Host: *Casually. As if this happened often* Security.

*Security drags CS out the door and locks it*

CS: You'll never get away with this! Never! I demand a table THIS INSTANT!

Host: Do you have a-

CS: Oh, for crying out loud!

*CS runs away. Jumps on her blimp, travels to Big Nate island, and pigs out on crab legs instead*



  1. LOL! That was an awesome story! Your good. so for the RPLM.. i thought us other poptropicans were so post to guess. Oh well what do i know.
    Once again... how do you make CS do angry and cry and all that... do you have the membership?
    -popular joker

  2. oh and do you mind if i join you this month for the RPLM??
    -popular joker

  3. 1st comment- I thought I told you before... Control, Shift, 1, 2, 3, or 4. Go to the PHB for more cheats. If you key that combination while playing Poptropica, you can laugh (1), cry (2), angry (3), or jump (4). Hope this helps. :-D

    2nd comment- What do you mean?

  4. CS,
    on my 2nd comment i was just asking for permission before posting your meme. (Meme is a monthly or weekly post about the same thing)
    Oh sorry about that,, that did help, i just didn't see it before! Short turn memorie loss! :P
    -Popular Joker


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